Herman Brink Wooden Furniture
Herman Brink Wooden Furniture
Herman Brink Wooden Furniture


We are truly inspired by the richness and individuality of the wood we work with. The grain, texture, colour and warmth or every piece of wood breathes life into our furniture and confers style, elegance, charm and appeal.

Each unique Herman Brink piece is designed and crafted to celebrate the natural beauty of materials and meet your individual requirements.

With the exceptional ability to translate tough and demanding client specifications into quality furniture, Herman Brink has a real commitment to producing the perfect piece of furniture for your home, office, lodge, guesthouse or restaurant, time after time.

Each item combines the enduring appeal of solid wood with craftsmanship and expertise, to produce furniture that we are truly proud of, that you will love to use and look at and what will last for generations.


At Herman Brink Wooden Furniture, our furniture is manufactured using the highest quality real wood, solid joinery and luxurious finishes. We combine outstanding craftsmanship with state-of-the-art equipment to produce the finest custom made furniture and have earned a reputation for exceptional quality backed up by excellent service.